September Leadership Night 2016

The September Leadership Meeting was held on September 1st and the following events are going on within your Parish. This is a communication to you our parishioners to keep you informed.

FORMATION COMMISSION: Discussion was held on establishing in the future Children's Liturgy at Masses. Plans were finalized for the children's games at the upcoming Fall Festival. We need to finalize the security system for the Youth Group.

WORSHIP COMMISSION: Concerns regarding safety for the Children's Liturgy at weekend Masses was discussed. Decision was made that ushers will contact people to bring up gifts at each Mass. At the next meeting in October, the Worship and Formation Commissions will jointly discuss with Fr. Marty and his goals for the Children's Liturgy.

ADMINISTRATION COMMISSION: The water leak has been taken care of, it was determined a bathroom stool in the Rectory was faulty. Discussion was held regarding SS John & Paul offices moving here to our Parish Center. 75 donors gave for the church building addition, and a plaque will be purchased to engrave all the names. Further discussion is ongoing regarding use of the Rectory. The Parish Center needs new boilers and vents. We would like to have an outdoor floodlight on the front of the Church after the construction is completed. Discussion was held for an appreciation dinner for all the grotto grounds and volunteers.

OUTREACH COMMISSION: The Outreach Commission will be responsible for the serving of pies and drinks at the Fall Festival. The marquee sign in front of the church will cost $60 to put new Mass times and Pastor names. Bereavement Ministry had 3 volunteers contact the families of parishioners who recently passed away. Discussion was held regarding assistance for 2 parishioners.

COMMUNITY COMMISSION: Plans have been finalized for the Parish Fall Festival and 100 year anniversary Mass. Two volunteers are still needed to be co-chairpersons of Fall Festival for upcoming year.

PASTORAL COUNCIL: The following are your Pastoral Council representatives representing you: Fr. Marty Goetz-Pastor, Fr. Bill Roush-Parochial Vicar, Dave Ehret-Co-chairperson, Carol Kuntz-Co-chairperson, Gisela Wilson, Kathy Osinski, Maureen Rowland, Tom Chicken, Len Osinski, Irene Hemerling, Karen Wilson, Kent Wilson-Parish Assessment Coordinator

Please attend one of our meetings which are held the first Thursday of each month in the Parish Center if you have ideas or concerns regarding our Parish. BE ACTIVE!!!

Prayerfully Yours,

Kent Wilson

Parish Assessment Coordinator


New classes start August 16 for anyone wishing to become Catholic. Please contact Heather Tieman at 319-752-8771.

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